Difference Between Independent Escorts and Prostitution

India, as a developing nation, faces the challenges like the rest of the world, where several practices are considered to be illegal and unethical. One among such is prostitution.  As a youth, I have always wondered as to why the brothels were raided? If prostitution in India is legal? Why are the prostitutesknown as ‘sex workers’ defining to be the members of a strata that is looked down upon in the society? Searching for answers, I traced that the Indian legal systempermits prostitution as a private trade,while organized prostitution in brothels remain still illegal. Due to lack of sex education and awareness the word ‘sex’ in India is considered a taboo. In this discussion, we will try andexplore the two branches: prostitution and independent escorts; one, emerging from an age-old tradition and the other shaping up from societal advancement. In order to further our probe, it’s essential to begin with simple definition and consider its social status.

Defining Prostitution


Prostitution, the oldest profession in the world, is a business or practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for monetary transaction. The legal status of prostitution varies from country to country. Majority of the countries still consider this profession as semi-legal. There is a growing concern over the issue of human trafficking and considerable increase in violence against women and children by the human right activists that evolves as a biproduct of prostitution. Prostitution in any Indian society, following the records by far, indicates the increase in number of the female below the age of 18 and a convenient reason of financial resolve seems to be a visible factor. However, one finds a scrupulous mediation or dealership continues to play a significant role in bridging the gap of demand and supply that creates an unhealthy ecology around. The intervention by means of mediatorship largely holds a lion share in facilitating the trade, while the sex workers in question, still continues to struggle.

Defining Independent Escorts

Independent escorts

Independent Escorts on the other hand are people, who own and manage their own clients directly for sexual services.The services are nearly defined and charged separately e.g. girlfriend experience, accompanying to a party or various sexual experience. With the increasing technological intervention in life, it has become easier to find a momentary partner for an event or personal satisfaction. This service is different from the agency escort pattern, where the agency looks after the legal and social issues. Independent escort is free from such mediator driven service however, it also has its own pros and cons.The rising number in the Independent escorts is because of the social growth of an individual and the desire to engage with a short time partner without social obligation. This process is comparatively professional and has developed a data base to allure their clientele. And the client’s identity can be examined and verified in the similar pattern to reduce risk and protect security issues. This service does not encourage customers trying to engage in conversations in order to satisfy their sexual needs through leprous comments and asking perpetually for nudes. Independent escorts try and make this profession more humane and the treatment of escorts is a relatively better. There is a larger communication circle at play which induces respect for the profession and the professional. They mostly use the houses of the clients, or even hotels and place of work. The escort business is also semi-legal like prostitution and works in the gray areas of the law.

The Difference

It is observed, with increasing gender vulnerability, Prostitution with a semi-legal statusin the society,has opened doors for crime against women and children. Prostitution as a profession, with an aim to fulfil bodily desires, has a limited scope and high at risk, while independent escorts provide a range of services from just being a girl friend to satisfying sexual desires, are more professional and more market oriented, with all transparency in transaction in place.Thus, both the practices have their own benefits in earning, with or without a mediator, as the case may be.

In general, the sex workers or prostitutes for that matter do not have any time frame for work. Because of the social taboo, the workers are comfortable to operate between the night hours. This working at night hours might be saving their respect in society, but it throws open a challenge to their security, both psychological and physical. The only motivation in this instance is to earn money for survival. Sadly, many women are forced into this profession due to several reason, some could be family issues and others join by chance to never return. In either of the cases, the life risk is high. More because of the police raids that can instantly reveal their identity and increase the amount of risk resulting in mental trauma. At the same time, one needs to understand, if this profession has survived the time in history and exist today, there seems to be some underlying motivation factor for the practitioners.

In the other hand, the nature of violence has remained downsized in the case of independent escorts. These Independent escorts also charge for their efficiency in communication, personality, professionalism and that keeps adding to the existing service. There is much more safety in the reference to sexual diseases in reference to independent escorts as compared to prostitutes.The escort business is much safer and “raid “proof than prostitution, as they operate from home or posh hotels. The option of selecting a client is easier in escort business rather than in prostitution. As a matter of fact, with the rising demand in both the categories, it is essential to revisit the process of law making to facilitate the trade.

Rise of Independent Escorts in Hyderabad city Hyderabad has witnessed a significant fall in the Prostitution following exposure of several sex rackets during last ten years. It has also impacted the child pornographic industries in the city. This has resulted in the significant rise of independent escorts in Hyderabad. There were three agencies that mediated various escort services however, with increasing demand there has been a constant growth in the practice. There are several categories of services provided by the independent escorts in namely college escorts girl Hyderabad and model escorts etc. The professionalism in operating system has been advantageous for the Hyderabad escorts, which has emerged as an organized sector. Hyderabad can be looked upon in the matters of promotion and spreading awareness about escorts and the advantages.